About us

About Us

Transmares was founded in May 14th 1969 by Captain Albert Von Appen when Malterías Unidas, one of his clients, required to improve their transportation service between San Antonio and Porto Alegre, Brasil, taking over the shipping operation performed by then and as the years went by, the service was growing and expanding to other ports within the route. Nowadays, Transmares is a shipping division of ULTRANAV CHILE, dedicated to maritime traffic in containers with direct cabotage clients and also indirect clients for international cargoes through feedering services to transoceanic container lines.

The South Feeder Service (SFS) of Transmares is a seaborne connecting service to southern ports in Chile, such as, Punta Arenas, Chacabuco and Puerto Montt. By this means, domestic cargo produced in the central area of the country may reach southernmost destinations in a safe and efficient manner.

This service also provides a maritime platform for import cargoes that arrive from abroad to ports localed in the central or northern regions of the country and require connection to southern ports. In the same way, export cargoes are attended by the service moving them from southern ports to central area terminals to be transhipped to international container vessels.

The maritime service offered to domestic cargoes is comprehensive as it may include the whole transportation chain if required, providing a door to door service of high standards. Transmares have containers of different types including dry containers of 20’, 40’, 45’, reefers containers, flat racks and tanktainers. Local inland transportation between cargo origins and destinations and their corresponding loading and discharge ports are performed by strategic trucking partners offering a very good service. Transmares also counts upon related companies that provide a variety of logistic solutions that complement the maritime service such as Ultramar Logistics, Ultraport and Sitrans.